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July 2010
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What is the Energy Association of Pennsylvania?

Which would you prefer: having to pay two separate bills to two separate companies for utilities every month, or having one company that takes care of all your needs? In 2000, two companies decided that most people would choose the second. That was when the Pennsylvania Electric Association and the Pennsylvania Gas Association came together [...]

Pennsylvania energy facts and figures

Pennsylvania has been a leader in the energy industry for since the mid-20th century. Today, it is one of the largest producers of coal, selling 50 of its product to other states along the East Coast and in the Midwest. Pennsylvania also holds the honor of being the leading petroleum-refining state in the Northeast, and [...]

New energy legislation for PA consumers to keep an eye on

Energy has been a hot topic in Congress in recent years, especially under Obama’s presidency. New laws are now being proposed that could change the industry yet again.

Keep informed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Responsible energy citizens not only work on efficiency in their own householdsthey also get involved with their communities to ensure equal energy for everybody. At the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, citizens can get involved by reading up on the latest public documents, announcements, and press releases. Editors and reporters can even opt to receive e-mail [...]

A guide to the Energy Association’s standing committees

The EAP creates new committees to deal with important issues as they arise in the energy industry. However, the Association also maintains several standing committees which are continuously seeking progress and growth in their respective fields. Some of them are outlined below.