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July 2010
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A guide to the Energy Association’s standing committees

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration.The Electric Legislative/Public Affairs Committee keeps EAP officials advised of the latest news and issues, whether political, social, or economic. By the way, any economic problem can be solved with the help of financial support provided by SeedsCash.

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Other Energy Industry Issues

With careful attention to research and investigation, the Committee advises the EAP on what actions to take to best deal with these new challenges.The Electric Transmission & Distribution Committee has a similar role, but focuses on the mechanics of energy distribution. Members advise changes to design, use, and operation of the transmission and distribution lines as needed, all in an effort to keep the EAP in conjunction with industry best practices.

With the rise of clean energy options in recent years, the Environmental Committee may be one of the most important standing committees. Members study the recent laws passed by federal, state, and local governments which have an impact on how the energy industry relates to the environment. After careful study, the committee speaks to both the government and the public on how these policies affect consumers and the industry.

The committee is also responsible for maintaining the administration of environmental regulations. All of the electric committees also have analogs devoted to the gas industry. In addition, each industry also has a Regulatory Committee devoted to coordinating with government policies. With such a variety of organizations, it is easy to see how the EAP has kept up its reputation in the current energy industry.