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July 2010
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Keep informed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Responsible energy citizens not only work on efficiency in their own householdsthey also get involved with their communities to ensure equal energy for everybody. At the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, citizens can get involved by reading up on the latest public documents, announcements, and press releases. Editors and reporters can even opt to receive e-mail updates to stay informed.What’s in the news right now? It’s hot, and the PUC is offering tips for conserving energy during the summer heat wave. For example, when at home, keep the thermostat at 78 degrees and keep all the curtains and shades closed in order to keep your home cool with less energy. When leaving the house, keep the thermostat at 85 degrees, or off.The PUC also held public hearing at the end of June for consumers to voice their opinions on price increases for electric and natural gas. This is a part of PUC’s role as investigator, and is in response to the PECO Energy Company‘s request to raise its electric rates by 7 and its natural gas rates by 5.28. These hearings offer an opportunity for the public to be involved in the energy issues of their community, and the customer testimony will be included as part of the record for the PUC’s final decision.In addition to recent news, citizens can search archives ranging back to mid-2000, including public meeting orders, motions, administrative judge decisions, and more. This provides a valuable civic and educational resources for customers interested in investigating the history of an issue. In addition, the PUC site offers shopping information for customers looking to switch their energy providers or get hooked up for the first time. It’s clear that the PUC is an important resource for customers across the Pennsylvania area.