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July 2010
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What is the Energy Association of Pennsylvania?

Which would you prefer: having to pay two separate bills to two separate companies for utilities every month, or having one company that takes care of all your needs? In 2000, two companies decided that most people would choose the second. That was when the Pennsylvania Electric Association and the Pennsylvania Gas Association came together to form the Energy Association of Pennsylvania.The merger represented more than just a change in name. EAP took on new goals of being admirable corporate citizens in the community and promoting efficient energy usage to help maintain these resources. To this end, the Association regularly sponsors task forces and seminars to focus on specific issues. In 1997, EAP sponsored the first Electrotechnology Expo at the State Capitol Building, showcasing new technology like a flash-bake oven and early geothermal heating for homes.In 2010, the Energy Association was rejuvenated once again when Terrance Fitzpatrick took the role of president and CEO. His previous experience includes time as General Counsel of the Electric Power Generation Association and eight years on the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Fitzpatrick has a difficult job ahead of him in promoting gas and electric with the changes currently facing the industry, such as Obama’s recent decision to loan billions of dollars to solar power research.As the EAP emphasizes, though, energy and conservation go hand in hand. They offer several tips for reducing your energy usage, especially during peak periods. These tips include setting the air conditioner to as high as 78 degrees, using compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and insulating older water heaters with a blanket. The EPA also promotes starting energy conservation young. Last July, employees brought their children to work for “Energy Day”, where they learned how to do their part to make energy efficient and available for everybody.